About the Protected Landscape Area

The Nordkvaløya-Rebbenesøya Protected Landscape Area is an important continuous area of coast that is characteristic of the coastal culture of the county of Troms. There is much of scientific value here, and the protected landscape area borders a number of nature reserves. It also overlaps the Ytre Karlsøy Marine Protected Area, which is an important area for marine life.

Photo: © Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen
Photo: © Dag Tørrissen

The area stretches over a large area of sea, with a boat required to navigate among all the islands and islets. Some of the mountain summits exceed 700 metres. The landscape is barren in places, which contrasts starkly with the lusher small islets, islands and rocks. The geology here is very exciting, and the cultural landscape features old egg and down harvesting sites. The Bårset boat (from the late ninth century AD) was found in the Bårsetmyra bog on Nordkvaløya. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and many old homesteads and farms can be found here.

Both the summer and winter offer great land-based and water-based adventures. There are opportunities for walking in all directions through scenic valleys, or you can make your way onto the high mountain summits and stand on the edge of the world. From a boat or kayak, you can fish, encounter seals and whales, or visit bird cliffs and experience the teeming birdlife. It can be very exposed out here, however. And yet a calm day can offer a magical atmosphere.

Photo: © Oddrun Skjemstad