Mikkelvika on Ringvassøya is the main gateway to the protected areas. You can drive your car all the way here, where you will find parking for a boat trailer and vehicle, as well as a toilet, lean-to and information. It is also equipped with a boat launch.

It can be exposed here, but on sunny days it is idyllic to bring your boat or hire one. You could just drive around and enjoy the areas, or you could bring your fishing gear and try your luck. Another option is to experience the seabirds on the bird cliffs.

It is also an excellent starting point for canoeing and kayaking, with the areas on the coast offering many superb route options. Plan your trip based on wind and weather, and experience the birdlife, seals, whales and the rest of what nature has to offer.

Feel free to go ashore on one of the islands and go for walk in the valleys or up to one of the summits. Here you will find everything, from fishing lakes to cloudberry moors.

Photo: © Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen
Photo: © Lena Engvik


From Mikkelvika, you can take the ferry to Bromnes on Rebbenesøya. There are many very fine walks here. For example, you could make your way to the marine protected area and Toftefjorden, where Baalsrud and his fellow soldiers were shot down. Or you could walk up Helvetestinden and continue over to Breivika. Please do pop into the local shop in Engvika once you are out here!

Haugland Farm

Haugland Farm is a state-protected outdoor recreation area on Hersøya within the protected landscape area. To get here, you will need a boat, kayak or other means of travel on the sea. There is a floating dock for mooring, and the main house – which still stands on the farm – is available to rent from the Karlsøy Hunting and Fishing Association. There is also a lean-to and outside toilet. Haugland makes a fine base if you wish to take a boat around the protected areas for a few days.

Photo: © Oddrun SKjemstad