The Protected Area Committee

The Nordkvaløya-Rebbenesøya Protected Landscape Area is administered by a Protected Area Committee.

The Committee is appointed by the state, but consists of members proposed by the affected municipalities, county authorities and the Sámi Parliament of Norway.

A number of other protected areas are located close to the protected landscape area. Some of these areas are managed by the Nordkvaløya-Rebbenesøya Protected Area Committee.

Photo: © Oddrun Skjemstad
Photo: © Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen

The Protected Area Committee conducts annual projects such as upkeep, information and accommodation. The Committee has a secretariat that consists of two protected area administrators, whose offices are at Lyngseidet in Lyngen. The administrators also make up the secretariat for the Lyngsalpan Protected Area Committee.


The framework for how the area is to be administrated can be found in the Protection Regulations. Additionally, an administration plan has been made to provide guidelines on how to interpret the Protection Regulations. The administration plan contains explanations concerning different user interests and clarifies what is permitted and what is not.

It is the protection aim and Protection Regulations that determine what can be permitted in terms of activities and projects in the area. It is the intersection between the area’s use and protection that is to be administrated.

All this information and more can be found on the Committees homepage (opens in a new window).

Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (Statens naturoppsyn, SNO)

The administrating authorities work closely with the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (opens in a new window), which supervises the protected area. The task of the Nature Inspectorate is to supervise in accordance with laws concerning public environmental supervision. The purpose is to preserve national environmental assets and prevent environmental crime. The Nature Inspectorate also conducts upkeep, registration and accommodation projects, as well as working on information and nature guidelines.

Photo: © Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen