The Nordkvaløya-Rebbenesøya Protected Landscape Area

The Nordkvaløya-Rebbenesøya Protected Landscape Area is an important continuous area of coast that is characteristic of the coastal culture of the county of Troms. There is much of scientific value here, and the protected landscape area borders a number of nature reserves. It also overlaps the Ytre Karlsøy Marine Protected Area, which is an important area for marine life.

Photo: © Eimund Bakke
Photo: © Oddrun Skjemstad

Gateways to the area

You will need a boat to access most of the protected areas. You can also take a ferry to Rebbenesøya and then walk to the protected areas from there.

Flora and fauna

Neither the flora nor the fauna in the protected landscape area is particularly rich, but here is still a lot to discover and experience!

Photo: © Beate Fredriksen
Photo: © Miljøfaglig Utredning


There is plenty of distinctive geology in the protected areas and the areas around. There are a number of special geological occurrences in the area, both above and below water.

History and cultural environment

The area is a particularly rich cultural landscape, with intact cultural environments and many cultural monuments. You can experience cultural findings all the way from the Stone Age, via Norse and Sámi culture, through to today.

Photo: © Svein Nøstvik

Our other protected areas

In the outermost part in Karlsøy municipality there are a number of important areas of small islands, islets, rocks and shallows.

The joys and obligations of Norway’s Right to Roam

Norway’s Right to Roam is a free common good and is part of our cultural heritage. It entitles you to make use of uncultivated land, whoever the owner is. Nature is for everyone who exercises caution.

Photo: © Tine Marie V. Hagelin
Photo: © Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen

Administration and surveillance

The Board of the protected landscape area consists of members from the municipality, county counsil and the Sami Parliament. Statens Naturoppsyn (the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate) monitors and manages the areas.

Information posters and brochure

We have made several posters with information about the protected areas, the history, culture, and nature in the area. You can see and download them here. We are also working on a brochure that will soon be published.